Did you know that you have a 40% chance of suffering depression and an increased mortality risk when you retire?

Here is the „paraox“

Life after retirement can be quite challenging,

Just think about it.

You’ve worked your whole life at the same company.

Feeling like you were a part of something bigger than yourself.

Same routine for years.

Always busy.

Then all of a sudden, retirement comes in.

You think to yourself: „Yes! Finally!“

No more meetings.

No more stress.

Now you’ll have the time to enjoy your holidays, spend time with your loved ones…

All without realizing who much of your happiness depends on your job.

That’s exactly what happened to one of my clients.

His name is Stephan.

Stephan had been the lead manager at a very important pharmaceutical company since the 2000s.

His last days at the company have been quite busy.

There were lots of moving pieces, and he had to make sure everything worked properly.

There was always a meeting to attend to, or a problem to solve.

So, when the time came for him to retire, he couldn’t be more excited.

He was finally going to have the time to do anything he wanted.

Spend more time with his dog.

Travel around the US.

All those things he always wanted to do.

But things weren’t going to go according to plan.

At first, everything was great.

He got some time to rest.

Spent some time at his youngest son’s house in Germany.

He even took a small trip to the mountains with his family.

Everything was amazing.

For like a month.

Then, depression started kicking in.

He hadn’t realized how much satisfaction and purpose his work has been given to his life for 30+ years.

He used to go to the gym every day.

He used to jog every morning before going to work.

And retirement took all that away.

Now, he felt as if his life didn’t have a purpose anymore.

Every single day was boring,

He didn’t feel motivated to do anything.

Just stay on his couch watching TV all day long.

He knew he didn’t want to become an active member of a golf club or a busy grandparent.

But, he just didn’t see what else he could do.

So, he started reading my FLOW’s articles and all the inspiring emails I send to my subscribers regularly.

And he decided to reach me out.

He told me about his situation, and we immediately started to work.

After analyzing his case, I realized the reason behind his depression.

His problem was he believed it was too late to start something new!

It wasn’t that he didn’t know what to do with his time.

Actually, he had some really interesting business ideas that he didn’t have time to develop in the past.

That wasn’t the issue.

He just believed it was too late for him.


Here is the plan:

  • he started working to eliminate those limiting beliefs that were holding him back.
  • I also helped him create an action plan to turn his ideas into a reality.

That reshifted his whole belief system for the better.

And that’s when things started to change.

He wasn’t a slave of depression anymore.

He didn’t feel lost.

He stopped believing he couldn’t accomplish anything just because of his age.

Now, he believed he could accomplish anything he set his eyes on.

Last time we spoke, he was working really hard on this new business idea he always wanted to work on.

He felt renewed and ready to take control of his life and make things happen.

Being 65 didn’t stop him.

And I’m happy I was a part of that new section in his LIFE’S BOOK.

Because if Stephan was able to take action and change his life for the better…

So can you.

Marco Giannecchini
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