THE Top 19 Habits of Insanely Successful and Passionate People

If I were in a conference room, giving a keynote speech with the title as in the headline, asking the plenum:“Please raise your hand, if you are daily doing things you are really but REALLY passionate about?“ With an high probability I’ld get two kind of reactions from the audience: #1 and #2!
#1 is“I Don’t Know What I’m Passionate About”and #2 is“What If I Fail?“

Wellen Flow

How do I get into FLOW ? # NOVEL SPACES

I’m always very sensitive to my immediate environment and for that reason I’ve developed a passion-obsession, for understanding how I’m triggered in order to then best exercise creative and smart choices, to best steward my sub- / consciousness awareness and ultimately to best steward my own experiences in my life and work.


31 Small Daily Habits to Achieve the Impossible

When you upgrade your physical and neurobiology, you’re biohacking your self-identity to a better life, enabling yourself to manage the unmanageable, and to achieve extraordinary results, maybe something that years ago you would have considered „just impossible“. Below, you’ll find 31 steps to become a stronger, more resilient, more powerful UPGRADED VERSION OF YOURSELF.