FLOW as Therapy ?

THE Top 19 Habits of Insanely Successful and Passionate People

If I were in a conference room, giving a keynote speech with the title as in the headline, asking the plenum:“Please raise your hand, if you are daily doing things you are really but REALLY passionate about?“ With an high probability I’ld get two kind of reactions from the audience: #1 and #2!
#1 is“I Don’t Know What I’m Passionate About”and #2 is“What If I Fail?“

Wellen Flow

How do I get into FLOW ? # NOVEL SPACES

I’m always very sensitive to my immediate environment and for that reason I’ve developed a passion-obsession, for understanding how I’m triggered in order to then best exercise creative and smart choices, to best steward my sub- / consciousness awareness and ultimately to best steward my own experiences in my life and work.