How to take everyday actions,
breaking bad rules,
creating FLOW at work and
living an extraordinary (and rewarding sexual) integral life,

by bio-hacking your brain chemistry at ease.


And so I’m writing with a „student discipline“ at my new book.

This book is on „FLOW-Biohacking“, on the neuroscience of happiness; it is all about optimizing your daily high performance and well-being habits, by utilizing the ultimate insights in science, technology and a deep understanding of human physiology, neuropharmacology, neural electricity and nutrition.

My dream: This FLOW-Biohacker’s Journal to be the most advanced FLOW book of the decade.

My ambition as neuroscientist and FLOW biohacker is to upgrade the fundamentals of a balanced life: sleep, nutrition, exercise, work and mind.

What is the 20 % that will lead to 80 % of the results when it comes to optimal well-being?

This book should be used ion my intention a daily Flow-Biohacker’s Journal which takes the latest research into holistic health and turns it into practical and applicable information in a visual and readable format.

This guide to optimal human performance is fully grounded in neuroscientific research.

Hopefully this FLOW-Biohacker’s Journal will be “the missing manual of the human body” and an essential addition to the library, work desk, kitchen, gym, suitcase and bedroom of anyone with a genuine interest in optimal human high performance, health and well-being.

With this Book/Journal and proven tactics people everywhere in the world will be able to lead greater lives, maximize their productivity, embracing simple, yet effective formulas, practiced by many of the world’s greatest leaders.

Here a first tool I offer in my book which helps at the beginning of the day to plan the „BEST DAY EVER – EVERY DAY IN FLOW:

And then at the end of the day, to make a day’s analysis:

Being the book still in a manuscript phase, all the pictures, graphs, ..are still in a rough – primitive state.

But at this point in time, do not focus too much on „style“ rather on „content“ 🙂

You’ll recognize that I filled in the journal with some examples to facilitate the utilization of the journal.

I do hope this can be of value for you.

If you are interested in having the original power point slide deck, as your own happiness planner, just write me an email to:

Marco Giannecchini