Are you actually constantly saying to you:

„I can’t focus anymore. I’m juggling a million things, and nothing is getting finished.“

Your focus is under the „O-level“.

Everyone––and everything––are vying for your attention.

And the world’s getting wickedly good at robbing it from you.

It’s almost as if there’s a puppeteer, pulling your strings, constantly tugging you away from what you actually care about.

And the craziest thing?

What you do best is something you’re doing less and less.

The high-value skill that you are paid for is scarcely being used.

You’re too scattered.

Your time is finite, but always in demand.

You’re deluged with work that continues to multiply, and every task that hits your inbox or Slack is red-alert urgent.

Your newsfeed is a constant drip of bad news and enviable views from people who look far more successful or happy or free than you are.

The word BURN-OUT starts to be a recurrent thought in your mind……

So, what is the true cost of not being able to focus?

Well… it’s worse than you might think (and I know you already know the cost is high).

If you can’t focus… no matter how much time you have, you can’t work effectively.

Even if you are clear on your goals and have all the motivation in the world…

…You have to be able to focus in order to channel that motivation, use your time well, and execute the millions of tiny actions that lead to a vision being made real.

As Daniel Goleman once put it: Focus is the hidden driver of excellence.

And if you ever hope to achieve your goals, full and frequent focus is non-negotiable.

But you know what’s better than focus?


With flow, focus comes for free (but more on that in a second).

First, let’s take an 80/20 approach to getting your focus back (so you’re primed and ready for the flow states that follow).

Here at the Flow Consciousness Academy we’ve trained thousands of high-achievers to unlock effortless focus through flow states, without getting a burn-out.

Flow is the experience of being „in the zone.“ It’s a state of total immersion and focus, where you feel your best and perform your best.

With push-button access to flow, you get instant focus, and can boost your productivity as high as 1000%.

So here are three things you can do right now to eliminate distractions, flex your focus, and get into flow:

—Number one: Stop snacking
—Number two: Subtract the super stimulators
—Number three: Get your biology working for you (rather than against you)

Let’s take a quick look at each of these.

First: Snacking, in this context means:

Reaching for something to entertain you at the slightest hint of boredom or unpleasantness… and failing to give it your full attention or to finish it.

Snacking conditions the brain to skim and skip. To take in incomplete information and diversions in shallow, disjointed bursts.

Snacking makes focus hard in the short-term and, by rewiring our brain, impossible in the long-term.

Second: Subtract the super stimulators.

From food to films to newsfeeds… Everything has been turned up to 11. This leads to dopamine desensitization.

The world’s best scientists are busy engineering food that makes us mad with craving.

The world’s best coders are busy engineering ways to glue you to your phone.

And they’re winning the game.

But when you reduce the amount of stimulation in your life… your focus automatically comes back online.

Third: Focus is already difficult. It has to be worked out like a muscle.

But our biology typically works against us.

Infinite internal forces are vying for your focus and attention.

For example: reading this email requires focus. And yet, on average, our minds wander 20 to 40 percent of the time while reading.

Hunger and thirst, energy and emotion, cravings and concerns, anxiety and addiction, aches and pains, rumination and reminiscence, daydreaming and doubt, worrying and wondering, forgetfulness and fear, stress and sickness, sleepiness and stray thoughts, itches and soreness, ideas and implications…

…Need I say more?

These forces––and countless others unnamed––are all happening inside you, intermittently and interminably.

Your mind can be an unbearable place to live.

And the inefficiency is staggering.

The only way out?

Deliberately increase the frequency and duration of periods of pure focus… just like you do when you’re adding weight or reps at the gym.

You can tap into flow states, where deep, frictionless focus comes for free.

And it comes with a whole host of other high-performance gains.

Flow is the jet fuel to a high-achiever such as yourself.

Flow makes focus fiercely efficient and fully effective.

Flow makes the attainment of goals (and achievement of the impossible) a foregone conclusion.

It’s not about making things easier.

It’s about making everything feel effortless.

Time expands.
Focus ramps up.
Creativity blasts through the roof.

And no matter how hard––or tedious––the work, no matter how demanding the challenge, no matter how huge the task list…

Flow practically forces you to plow through it all with a smile on your face.

But it starts with reclaiming your focus.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

Finally I’d like to share with you a chart which can help you to structure your day, experience mini-cycles of flow daily and achieve internal alignment between your inner purpose and your actions, to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed and get a burn-out.

Marco Giannecchini,
Founder and Scientific Director of the Flow Consciousness Academy

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