* January 28th, 2021, Intervista con la Dr. Aurelia Gagliano – Speciale Alzheimer
* February 27th 2020, Berlin TEDx Talk („The walk from DREAM to an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE“)
* March, 13th 2020, Berlin – „What is FLOW?“ Video for TalkNow (in deutscher Sprache)
* April, 2020 – Podcast with PhD Loretta Bruening – „Motivation and Flow
* June 12th 2020 – 1st (Online) Medical Cannabis Congress
* June 20th 2020 – Webinar „Bringing the future into the present“ (in cooperation with the Fondation LAB)
* August 22th, 2017 – Interview with Merck representative in Finland.

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    „Dopo essersi brillantemente laureato in Medicina e Chirurgia presso l‘ universitá di Pisa, ha prestato servizio come ricercatore nel campo della neurologIa, della neuro-chirurgia e della neuropsicoimmunologia in numerosi istituti clinici – universitari all‘ estero. Nel 1989 entra, come unico italiano, in un ristretto gruppo di candidati per posizioni manageriali all’interno di una prestigiosa multinazionale farmaceutica a Berlino, sua patria adottiva dal 1987. Presso la stessa industria, dal 1991 ricopre la carica di consulente medico internazionale presso il dipartimento di Medical & Marketing Support. La medaglia della Camera di Commercio di Lucca e della Associazione Lucchesi nel mondo é un riconoscente apprezzamento ai suoi meriti professionali.“
  • Press:* MILLIONAIRE (MARCH, 2011)
    Millionaire_pag 8 lettere_marzo 2011_Kopie

    * PATRIMONI (March, 2011)

  • Industries or types of groups I have been spoken for:

* Corporate
* Healthcare
* College / University
* School

  • Standard speaking fee/honorarium:
    * One day, 1 session:                         $ 1.000
    * One day retreat, 2 sessions:           $ 1.500
    * Two day retreat, 2-3 sessions:         $ 2.000
    * Full weekend retreat:                      $ 2.500

(Travel requirements / accomodation to be discussed case by case)


A World Tour in 80 Jobs: below you’ll find a list of the 80 jobs I had in my life

(in Bold = my own Companies as serial entrepreneur)


1. Medical Doctor (focus on neuroscience, behavioral psychology, telemedicine)
2. Medical Technical Radiological Assistant (MTRA)
3. Medical Wellness Farm Director (Villa Olivo)
4. Medical Tourismus
5. Cosmetics Consultant (dermatological & anti-aging products, Botox)
6. Masseur
7. Mind Medicine Experte
8. Medical Manager (Chief Medical Officer, European / Country Medical Director, Business Development, Digital Health Manager)
9. Medical Doctor in a international Tourism Ressort
10.Future Scientist

11. Writer (books, poetry, blogs, ghost writing, editing, scripts, creative writing/FLOW coach,…)
12. Actor
13. Media Expert and Consultant (Social Media, Media Training & Presence for Leaders, …)
14. WordPress / Website designer
15. Facebook Groups Founder (several Brands)
16. Podcasts / YouTube Chanel / Audioclips Producer
17. Keynote & Public Speaker (TED Talk,….)
18. Story Telling & Performance Coach
19. Medical Communication Expert (Neuromarketing, persuasion code)
20. eDating & Flirt Coach

21. Yoga Teacher
22. I Ching Expert
23. Mindfulness Trainer
24. Mind Machines‘ Expert
25. Happiness Scientist
26. FLOW Consciousness Academy – Founder & Trainer 
27. Enneagram Expert
28. Zen Master
29. Autogenous Training Expert
30. Producer of „Visualization journeys“

31. Scouts, Summer camps (e.g. „Ciocco Ragazzi“)
32. Globetrotter
33. Simultaneuos Translator (Tour Guide for Toscana – Sardegna ), Italian teacher
34. Beach Guard
35. Producer of Slide Shows (Italy)
36. Congress reporter
37. Villa Olivo Promoter
38. Soldier in the Italian Army (Merano)
39. Producer of incentive travels
40. Organizator of city rallies

SPORT/FITNESS ACTIVITIES (considered as „job“ because of played at professional level)
41. Goalkeeper
42. Judo
43. Karate
44. Sport psychology („The Winning Mind“)
45. Tennis
46. Sci
47. Riding
48. Sailing
49. Surfing
50. Marathon

51. Pianist (Classic Music)
52. Keyboard Player in a music band („Gli argomenti“)
53. Producer of Video Clips (e.g. „at Mologen; Mode of Action of lefitolimod“)
54. Fotographer
55. Producer of Super 8 Films, Videos with iMovie („motivational videos“)
56. Producer of videos with MIND MOVIE
57. Producer of Meditation Music
58. Producer of theater operas (with own family)
59. DJ in the family owned Disco „La Lattina“, in Viareggio

60. Producer of FLOW Workshops
61. Event Manager (symposia, advisory Boards,..)
62. Moderator
64. CV Workshop
65. Producer of the Workshop „A day like a Star“
66. Medical Affairs Excellence Academy
67. Producer of the Workshop „Design your life“
68. Publication Manager
69. Preparation of Pitches for investors
70. Wedding Planer

71. Chief Neuro Officer
72. Neuro Coach (Neuroleadership, Neuroscience R&D, Neuromarketing, Neuroscience of High Performance, Happiness & Wellbeing, brain-based Learning)
73. Hypnotiseuer
74. Mary Kay Coach (Network Marketing)
75. Jeneusse Coach (Network Marketing)
76. Study Job Life Design
77. HR Manager
78. Coping / Burnout Coach
79. Talknow Coach (organizer of crowd funding)
80. Career and & Personal Brand Coach


Fiftyone years of “projects” (pivotal mental states) (1970 – 2021)

In my private life & professional career I realized that most people grow up thinking in terms of professional affiliations. “I’m going to be a lawyer…an accountant…” “I’m going to work for Mercedes…Coca Cola,……..”

To be honest, I always thought of my life & career as a series of “projects”, experimental pivotal mental states of a dopamine junkie and INFJ seeker (s. Jason da Silva), nor jobs or titles.

Projects… things to be invented, funded and shipped. Sometimes they take on a life of their own and last, other times, they flare and fade.

If I count them, they are after my medical school more than 100….

All these projects, one after the other, shaped and marked my “professional career”.

Lucky for me, the world “cooperated” well enough..

The stages of a project—being stuck, seeing an outcome, sharing a vision, being rejected, finding a home, building it, editing it, launching it, planting the seeds for growth—are part of a mental cycle (Dream – Think – Feel – Act) I’ve been able to repeat hundreds of times over the years.

There’s a difference between signing on to someone else’s project and starting your own.

The impresario mindset of initiation and improvisation are at the heart of the project. It’s yours, you own it. Might as well do something you’re proud of, and something that matters, because it’s your “baby”.

Over time, the project world has changed. Thanks to digital tools, it’s cheaper than ever to build and launch something based on content. Distribution is far faster and cheaper as well. We used to need a publishing partner or a partner with a platform (a record label, a media company…) to get the word out; now, in many cases, this adds time and hassle without creating sufficient benefit.

Because it’s easier to launch, we can spend more time focusing on what the audience wants, as opposed to merely pleasing (and pitching) the middleman.

For me, the trick is not to represent the client, or the publisher, or the merchant. The trick is to represent the project, to speak up for the project, to turn it into what it needs to be. And over the years, I’ve found that each project gets just a little more personal than the one that came before.

The lack of a gatekeeper presents a fascinating shift, now. It used to be that the gatekeeper was somewhat of a partner, a ying to your yang, a safe way to find out something might not resonate. Now, it’s so much easier to go straight to market that we need to find our own internal compass, something to replace the external one we all used to depend upon…

Here are a handful of the projects I’ve created and shipped over the last three decades–not my favorites, necessarily, or the biggest, but ones that indicate where I was when I was doing them. This is way more self-referential than I’m usually comfortable with, but the combination of timing and the specifics that come from the example made me think it was worth posting a chronology.

Dear World….Thanks for letting me create…

1970 – 1987 Medical Doctor & Entertainer in an international Tourism Ressort in Tuscany („Il Ciocco“, now operated by Marriott).

1987—Move to West Berlin to start my “Berlin-West Project”, in spite of general skepticism at home for my decision to leave the lab in Tuscany of my father – general practitioner (with 2000+ patients / quarter) – for starting an uncertain life in the „cold German city of the wall“. Upgrade of my German Language skills from A1 to C2 in 3 months.

1987—2004 Building up a FARM MEDICAL WELLNESS SPA („VILLA OLIVO“) (bild) close to Viareggio (Lucca), offering a wide range of classes (yoga, massage, mindfulness, biography work, time management, stress prevention, autogenous training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, relaxation training and yoga, Zen meditation, eastern philosophy)



2006— Designing and establishing a new role as “Customer Liaison Manager” at Schering (later Bayer) in German subsidiary, which will the precursor role of the first Medical Science Liaison Manager at Bayer after the merge of the 2 companies


2008—Launched my first blog “Innamorarsi” (status: Feb. 2021 50.000 viewers), a significant shift in my writing focus as a blogger (s. projects’ list: nr. 11). If eMarketing is creating contents that satisfy the needs of the website users, emotional resonance is the most important marketing tool. Writing the “right thing” is as important as knowing what “the right thing” for the users is.






2014—My Skillshare courses on Career and Personal Brand (s. projects’ list: nr. 71, with free podcasts) with my Study, Job & Life Design Academy on my YouTube Channel (MIND UNIVERSITY) launched. Successful presentation on the usefulness of applying neuroscience to communication (in the sense of neuromarketing) with the introduction of neuromarketing-based e-detailing in the business unit at Bayer Vital Specialty Medicine. After 25 years with Bayer, I quit the permanent job to build up my own agency UPGRADE YOUR STRATEGY  and acquiring my first client only after few weeks.

2015— Courses on Career and Personal Brand continue (with live events) (s. projects’ list: nr. 80).

2016— Foundation of the Academy „Study, Job & Life Design“ (s. projects’ list: nr. 76).

2017— Audioclips‘ production by SoundCloud. Start as Mentor for Everwise.

2018FLOW Consciousness Academy – Founder & Trainer. Production of „Gesundheitstipps to go“ (corporate health management) with Ms. Nicole Renneberg.

2019—Master Class in Public Speaking (“Speak to Inspire”) with Brian Rose (London Real) and preparation to my TEDx talk in 2020. CREA IL MIGLIORE ANNO DELLA TUA VITA, my first book in Italian language, published by KIMERIK. An instant bestseller about the human capacity to create its own destiny with the formula: DREAM-THINK-FEEL-ACT. My new FLOW Consciousness Academy website (s. projects’ list: nr. 14). (with blogs, s. projects’ list: nr. 11) launched. Start coaching activitiy with TALKNOW. Masterclass in „Professional Speaking“ with Ilja Grzeskowitz.

2020 — My first TEDx talk: “The Walk from a Dream to an Extraordinary Life” (s. projects’ list: nr. 17) with 1000+ viewers.

Start of Neuroconsultancy supporting companies in order to become “positive organizations” (with the help of a Chief Neuro Officer).

Digital medical affairs created at DEMECAN. Start of Self-Testing of the wearabe device APOLLO for stress relief. Honored to become Ambassador of for Germany and Italy for the Fondation LAB. Application as Professor Digital Health Management at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt.

Started powerful business cooperations as digital health expert with Andreas Huber, as Business Developer with Dimitri Dimitriou and as Neurocoach with Nikolaus Dimitriadis. 

Referee letter written for an aspiring biomedical researcher for her internship program. Organisation of Workshops in Neuromarketing. Organisation of Online FLOW Workshops: „Roadmap to your future self


2021- CREA IL MIGLIORE ANNO DELLA TUA VITA, my first book actually translated from Italian into English language, to be published by KIMERIK. Start of the new project MIND UNIVERSITY. Interview with Dr. Aurelia Gagliano on “Management of Alzheimer’s patients” (in Italian language). Participation to the DIGITAL MEDICINE WEEK. Interview with Berlino Magazine on the „Longterm consequences of Covid-19 on cognitive and neurological functions„.

(work in progress)