How to live a life as your DREAM JOB?

To assist you in this intelligent objective, I’m glad to offer you 17  Life Hacks of Sustained Happiness:

#1. Positivity is not a talent but a daily practice.

#2. Difficulty is simply „cheerfulness training“ [hardship shows up to strengthen your character and adversity unfolds to burn away all impurities].

#3. You become your influences, so remove all „dream stealers“ and evade all „hope takers“ from your life. Immediately. (Please).

#4. The main aim in life is not to grow into someone other than to move into what you can become; the goal is to work through the layers of doubt and fear that you’ve accumulated on this earthwalk to remember who you truly can be.

#5. You’ll only become as positive as your mentors. So choose yours well.

#6. Focusing on the dignity and honor of your work, instead of upon the rewards of your work is a precious source of positivity.

#7. Excellent health and smart fitness promote radiant optimism and an undefeatable state of being.

#8. Gratitude is the antidote to apathy. And appreciation is a vaccination against fear.

#9. Being of service to others is a gateway into unrestrained joy. And a testimony to your nobility.

#10. Intimacy with your mortality amplifies your inspiration to get giant things done, love with aliveness and treat everyone you meet with kindness. Regularly consider the fact that you’ll die and that there is no guarantee for a long life.

#11. Becoming a legendary learner upgrades your neurochemistry so you unlock greater positivity. Sleep helps by the way becoming a little wiser.

#12. To be alone often and to train yourself to savor silence is a powerful regime to grow more cheerful.

#13. In discovering a cause to donate your life to and a crusade that activates your native genius is to reduce your worry and to live in the moment.

#14. Great pain comes by the mistreatment of others. So becoming a kinder human will make you happier.

#15. To walk into the fires of the projects you are resisting is to reclaim the self-respect you’ve been too often denying. Which will make you more confident. And absolutely more positive.

#16. Living a more minimalistic life, free of debt, too many trinkets and overwhelming obligations will reset your joy.

#17. Approaching each day with a mind set to serve and a heart devoted to unusual helpfulness will electrify your positivity. And make your mark on society.

Looking for new Life Hacks for you,

Light and Flow.

Marco Giannecchini