1. Negative early life conditioning > conditioning with positive habits

2. Poor sleep hygiene > regular sleep hours (at least 7 per night)

3. Low-quality nutrition > low carbohydrates‘ diet & intermittent fasting

4. Toxic media influences > select topics of interests and create topics related Google Alerts

5. Improper willpower recovery > move during the days from continuous active phases into phase of regenerations

6. Association with naysayers > surround yourself by positive people with a growth mindset and then just DO what YOU want

7. No calibrated routine > design your daily routine in 4 phases: induction – struggle – release – recovery

8. Lack of a mighty mission > write down you „mission on earth“ (that you want to be remember for after your death) 

9. Activities & communication driven by arrogance > life lived from inside out (with a high alignment between internal core values and outside actions, with a kind and respectful attitude towards others)

10. Addiction to distraction > Daily Self committment to focus on self chosen goals and tasks

11. Too much entertainment > Good daily mix of „things to do“ (first) and „things for pleasure“

12. Too little learning > Application of theory to practice in a way that actions are followed by favorable outcomes (from the perspective of the own mission, s. point nr. 8)

13. An uninspiring work environment > choose consciously to work in an environment which let you daily flourish or design it by yourself with the main goal to spend hours at work felt as inspiring, motivating, cheerful and which connect you with awesome personalities)

14. Few daily written goals > write every morning 3 written goals you want to achieve on that day in an non derogable manner

15. Mediocre self-worth > boost your self-esteem and be proud of what you have reached so far in your life, in spite of challenging circumstances

16. Attraction to the past > honor your past but act from the perspective of your beste future self

17. Little time alone > create daily a good mix of moments with interactions with positive people and moments for your own

18. Own life felt as Busy > Own life felt as effective

19. Irregular relief from stress > after dynamic moments of struggles, celebrate your daily micro-wins and reward yourself with all what gives you pleasure (s. also point nr. 7)

20. A reactive morning routine > start your day with 10-30 minutes journalling (good also for point nr. 14)

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