On this slide you can see what I call the code for success in life” (which also presented in my TEDx Talk).

You can use it as an universal brain-based tool to walk from your life vision into your best future self.

This walk consists of 9 steps:

1) WHY: First of all, be fully aware that every change and transformation start with YOU; you‘re the “drop in the ocean”, starting “a  Tsunami wave” of change.

So at the beginning of this journey, in which you want e.g. to free yourself from your inferiority complex, it is fundamental to explore WHY you’re suffering because of this sense of inferiority and why you haven’t expressed yourself fully as a woman, as you’d have wished. It can be that your soul pain derives from the fact that you had as a child ambitions, such as “a professional career in literature and writing”, which you had to give up for some familiar reasons, but most probably because of the wrong inner beliefs.

That`s why I want for example to help women, living in an environment, which do not allow themselves to manifest their inner light right at the beginning to discover these wrong inner beliefs, to eliminate these mental blockades, letting them just go away, accepting them in a peaceful – confident state of mind and creating new positive inner beliefs.

2) LIFE VISION: At the second step it is important that you consciously and firmly decide to have a new life, which contains – as a rainbow – everything you have been dreaming about up to now, both in your professional and private life. Your new life starts in the moment in which you take the bold decision to have a new one !

3) DREAM: Moving from step two to step three, you start creating, alone or with the support of a coach a concrete vision for the extraordinary life and for the future self, the person you’d love to be. For example, a famous author, who is traveling all around the world, to promote her books …

4) THINK: Once you have the mental scenery of your DREAM LIFE VISION, you have to start to think about the next single best steps to achieve those goals, focusing on SOLUTIONS, instead of CHALLENGES, activating your own “entrepreneurial genius”, being creative and innovative, thinking about “the big idea”, e.g. becoming a best seller author in Africa

5) FEEL: FEELING is the magic point of this walk. This means FEELING THIS NEW FUTURE as it would be already “real”. E.g., feeling every morning the enthusiasm and the pleasure to start the day as a bestseller author.

6) ACT THE NEW ROLE: Act according the new role, you want to have in your life, e.g. at work in your private life, being conscious of the positive IMPACT your decisions have on your current and future life.

7) IMPROVE: Leverage on your daily successes, believing in the POWER OF YOUR VOICE, you learn to improve constantly your empowered voice and to be the voice for the voiceless women.

8) RESIST: That`s about being and ambassador for sustainability…e.g. keep on moving on your walk, in spite of unfavorable circumstances, neglecting what other people think and/or say about your new role

9) ADAPT: Educate yourself, read, take action, and lead forward, take others on your own journey.

Develop an healthy FLOW lifestyle to be physically, mentally and spiritually „fit“ as a woman and leader, eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, meditate, daily !

Finally remember: YOUR STORY MATTERS; share stories of hope, resilience and success in your communities….

It is very easy…DREAM…THINK….FEEL…ACT…

If you are interested in my coaching activities, just write to me to my email account: giannecchinimarco@googlemail.com

Looking forward to welcome you..

Marco Giannecchini, MD