Reverse engineering refers to looking at the solution to figure out how it works.

Basically, it is about your business analysis backward from the solution to understand the data, processes, and business rules.

I am sure you have already intuitively applied this technique in your life. Reverse engineering is more common than you think.

As a person with the passion-obsession „to transform my dreams in new realities“ in annual, monthly, weekly and daily cycles, I have been applying this metacognitive learning technique successfully since my many years (as far as I can remember since I was in the high-school, throughout the university and then in business life).

I consider it as one of the best and powerful methods for self- and time management I learnt in my „street university“ (my school of life 🙂

Now I want to share it with you, because I want you also transforming YOUR DREAMS in new realities.

Imagine, 12 months from now.

The end of 2020.

You’re sitting at a beautiful dinner table.

Your loved ones are there. Your best friends.

You go around the table and talk about everything you LOVED about 2020.

When it’s your turn, you talk about how THIS year was finally YOUR year, the BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE.

You share your gratitude for all your blessings, progress, relationships, and opportunities.

You also talk about that ONE DECISION you made, all those months ago, in January 2020.

The DECISION you made to take a true deep dive into self-awareness and self-mastery.

The year you mastered your thoughts. Became more confident.

The year you mastered your ability to get things done. To stay focused and disciplined.

The year you learned advanced principles on influence, persuasion, leadership, team.

The year you overcame self-doubt. Got coaching. Took the courses.

The year you finally got the distinctions you needed for breakthroughs.

The year that became more alive. More connected. More fulfilled.

The year you invested in YOURSELF so you that could truly serve others with greater excellence and love.

Yes, you share about your remarkable Year of Mastery and of an Extraordinary Life.

You feel proud of how far you came.

Happy you dedicated this year to learning and mastery.

Amazed by your progress and relationships.

That’s a scene I want for you.

Yes, you will finish 2020. Where will you be?

How much have you learned?

What’s different? How far did you progress?

I personally believe that all the answers hinge on how deeply you commit to personal development.

In 12 months, this will be an investment you can be proud of. And I’d bet it will be the most important investment of your year.

Hoping to be helpful to people who want to get the BEST out their life, I described this method and my personal code for success in my new book „CREATE THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE“ (actually available only in Italian language).
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Marco Giannecchini