„Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.“

In his famous TED Talk „THE PSYCHOLOGY OF YOUR FUTURE SELF“ Dan Gilbert shares among other results from research on a phenomenon he calls the „end of history illusion,“ where we somehow imagine that the person we are right now is the person we’ll be for the rest of time. Hint: that’s not the case.

I love this talk because I have been applying – at least since I moved in West Berlin / Germany in 1987 – this psychology into my daily life and in my working environment, which has been predominantly in medical affairs in the industry !

Today I can state my MISSION AT WORK with the sentence: Upgrading the mind-set of individuals, teams & organizations to „the next level“.

But it took me a while to discover it.

For many years I used to think that my upgrade game was setting up at international and national level medical affairs departments, leading teams, delivering complex and successful projects and helping my clients worldwide in reaching their ambitious financial goals.

After scaling the corporate ladder, I reflected on my own journey in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, realizing that I had a more meaningful upgrading game to play:

It was about the upgrading process of the mind-set, resulting in a ongoing transforming behavior, in a TRANSIENT PERSONALITY.

And so I found myself increasingly transforming individuals, teams and entire organizations in medical affairs in ways and with results I got in a better way than before.

I found that my unique background (neuroscience, marketing, business, neuropsychology of peak performance), my experiences and my skills allowed me “to see the dotted-lines in the different ecosystems” in a different way, to decode the complexity of behaviors, rules and processes, and have the experience to fine tune what was happening into rapid, high value transformations.

What really excited me is to see what people in medical affairs are truly capable of, when they step up to their own upgrade game.

Among others it is so inspiring to see what happens when people consistently deliver high performance and success in a conscious and constant mind state of „FLOW“.

I realized that my upgrade game was to share this approach on a much larger scale, and help anyone who knew they had a ‘upgrade game’ to play and the courage to play it.

I imagine what the world would be like when organizations, teams and individuals could unlock that personal potential, leveraging on positive mental self-conditioning and on a communication style that turn into an outstanding process of positive influence, which leads to individual peak level performance, in a cooperative working problem-solving style, with successful outcomes.

But being a Behavioral Changer relies on having a very particular set of skills, a raft of specific qualifications and extensive personal and professional experience in high performance and success.

My specific qualifications:

+ Medical school, majoring in neuro-physiology, -electricity and -pharmacology. Understanding how we create emotions & behaviors, how we learn, how we change at a functional level, the personal and social psychological dimensions of behavior and group dynamics.

+ Corporate HR experience — understanding how to select, develop and promote managerial talents across the organizations worldwide.

+ Psychometrics — understanding the measurement, development application and limitations of traits, attributes and skills in behavior.

+ Executive training on three continents (Europe, USA and Asia) — understanding how behaviors operate in complex corporate environments, business skills and success principles.

+ Education and practical experience in Neuromarketing (*) & resonating-persuasive communication.

(*) Neuromarketing definition: the application of neuroscience to marketing. Neuromarketing includes the direct use of brain imaging, scanning, or other brain activity measurement technology to measure a subject’s response to specific products, packaging, advertising, or other marketing elements. In some cases, the brain responses measured by these techniques may not be consciously perceived by the subject; hence, this data may be more revealing than self-reporting on surveys, in focus groups, etc.)

+ Certifications in design thinking, change management, facilitation, marketing and business.

+ Diplomas of coaching.

These provide the basis of a lifetime of learning of how people learn, develop, select, restrict, transform and adopt influencing behaviors in organizations and complex circumstances.

Extensive personal and professional experience in crafting high personal performance and success:

* German language (at C1 level) learnt in only 3 months

* From the first Italian trainee my company ever hired, I worked my way up to management in medical affairs

* Asked to set-up and oversee the medical affairs activities of more than 40 European countries + Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

* Led the design and implementation worldwide of a new Corporate Leadership Competencies Model

* Developed strategies, led change and revolutionized medical affairs practices across cultures

* Coached leaders  in NEUROLEADERSHIP in over 30 countries, across functions and industries

* Transformed medical affairs in different organizations, including developing intercultural teams, processes and practices which led to significant performance improvements

* Led significant international programs facilitating significant transformation, built engagement, reshaped medical affairs, developed medical affairs strategies and more

* Is a sought after chair, facilitator, presenter and consultant, working across Europe, USA and ASIA

Along the way I have:

* Been mentored by the best empowerment experts in their fields

* Founded my own agency „Medical Affairs Solutions & Services“ (http://giannecchinimarco.wixsite.com/medical-affairs)

* Lectured at universities and MBA courses

* Given invited workshops, keynotes and presentations in US, Asia, Middle East, Europe

* Won awards for CME-Symposia and Advisory Boards

* Created the „FLOW CONSCIOUSNESS ACADEMY©“, providing regular webinars on FLOW-based mind empowerment, personal development, negotiation & presentation skills

* Been published (among others with the bestseller book „CREATE THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE„) or quoted in a range of specialist magazines and broadsheets, interviewed on radio and podcasts (such as on „UNBREAKABLE LIFE„, produced by Gloria Goldberg)

Even my hobbies represent this GROWTH MIND SET:

* Goalkeeper in several football teams.

* Annual participation to Marathons

* Sits as volunteer board member and secretary on the board of „Study, Job, Life & Purpose Design, a self-founded charitable mentoring foundation that help international young academics to find a qualified job opportunity in Germany in the healthcare & science sector.

This unique approach has made the difference to individuals, teams and organizations around the world.


We all have extraordinary mental potential. Instead of being frightened of failures, what if we were powerful beyond our imagining?


I believe that the heart of high performance lies simply in the mental capacity that we possess to DREAM a better state, what we can define as a VISION of what we want experience in the future; to THINK, setting ambitious goals and creating a strong intention, to FEEL, nurturing continuously a passion for what we are doing, as that Vision would already be real in the present moment, to ACHIEVE, finding and applying tactics & tools to get things done daily and keeping on track, till we got them.

By adopting this proven methodology, high performance and success behaviors can be decoded, fine-tuned and implemented to SERVE others and make world a better place to live!

Playing an „old-fashioned mental game with an old SELF“ serves no one.

What if the status quo could be decoded, dismantled and powerful shifts could allow you to move ahead, in a continuos and conscious flow state of mind and consequent actions?

Playing our upgrading game inspires others to also reach for something greater. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone played their upgrading game.

My upgrading game is helping others in medical affairs find and play their upgrading games.

I’m truly inspired by the results that individuals, teams and organizations achieve when they find their upgrading games.

When they consistently express high performance behaviors and gain sustained success, I imagine what might be possible.

And now I have a question for you who read this blog: Why not see how it can help you break the status quo and really step up to the high performance and success of your Upgrade Game?

If you feel inspired by this question let have a talk, not tomorrow, not today, RIGHT NOW !
Here below you can find my contact details !

Marco Giannecchini
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marco-giannecchini-m-d-8222673b/
Contact: giannecchinimarco@googlemail.com