This is a sort of „transcript“ of the Interview on Dec. 5th, 2019, broadcasted LIVE with Brian Rose (after the graduation of my Master Class „Speak to Inspire)

1) Tell me about YOU – where are you from and what do you do?
2) What subject did you choose to talk about in your speech and why?       

4) What were your INTERNAL struggles BEFORE the course?
5) What were your EXTERNAL struggles BEFORE the course?                           
6) How did you first find London Real / Speak to Inspire
7) What made you pull the trigger and choose to join us?                                     
8) Tell me about the journey you went on during the course, the highs and lows.
9) What was your biggest A-HA moment?
10) What was the community of your classmates like?
11) What is your biggest takeaway that you can share with others?
12) Share 1 personal habit /daily routine that contributes to your success
13) What are your goals for the next 5 years?                                                          


1) (Brian) Tell me about YOU – where are you from and what do you do? 

(Marco) I am a Medical Doctor by training with a strong neuroscience background (with a focus on neuro-physiology and -pharmacology and behavioral psychology).

I love working at the intersections between my passions:
* Pharma & Digital Health
* FLOW-based Peak Performance & Self-technologies (s. my website >
*  Quantum Physics
* Epigenetics

* Start-ups‘ and business acceleration
* Public Speaking
* Writing (my new book in Italian language „DESIGN THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE“) has been recently published. It contains my formula to upgrade / re-invent your self in FLOW: D.T.F.E.B. DREAM-THINK-FEEL-ENGAGE and BE-COME) (

This book – if you want – is a MASTER CLASS (MC) in 12 modules/months, a daily upgrading & evolving tool, in which the embedded FLOW model forces you to fight against life odds and raise the bar constantly, like in a gym.
My „formula for personal self-realization“ is based on one side on a FLOW model (Activate-Struggle-Release-Recover) which modulates daily the brain waves patterns (alpha, beta, theta, delta, gamma) and creates brain coherence/connectivity and an optimal level and mix of neurotransmitters and hormones.

Interestingly, both (the neuro-electricity and the neuro-pharmacology) influence also signaling and DNA/genes expression and ultimately the aging process.

So FLOW leads to BECOMING and helps to stay & feeld young !

This MC teaches you how to regulate your emotions, indipendently from the environment (you become an „authotelic personality“ and as such you’re not only healthier but you’re aging slower).

FLOW is for me the most sophisticated and sustainable „self-technology“ to create the strongest brain coherence over time, because it teaches you to modulate brain wave patters during the day.


I was born in Tuscany /Italy, I got married with a fantastic jamaican woman and her son was born in Berlin/Germany, so that we all love speak at home trilingual (GERMAN, ENGLISH-ITALIAN…I’m actually learning to improve my jamaican fluency by frequent trips to Montego Bay/Jamaica :).

Right from the beginning of my Medical School, I have been interested in TWO THINGs:

1) How can we daily motivate ourselves, striving DAILY for high performance, to be successful in the OUTSIDE world, living from INSIDE OUT and with a long-lasting feeling of wellbeing?

2) How can we slow-down and even reverse the aging process?

Studying medicine and as a medical doctor I laid the foundation of my medical and scientific expertise in the science of „peak performance and self-optimization“.

But I soon realized an „healthy body“ is not responsible alone for daily motivation and the creation of this wellbeing feeling (…remember…“MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO“…..).

And so MY life-journey brought me to discover of many other „enlightenment paths…„…

After many interviews with awesome personalities from all over the world, books, personal experiences,…. I found 10 years ago finally the „holy grain“ in the, at that time still unexplored, neuroscience of FLOW (defined as „the psychology of the optimal experience“).

FLOW can be simply described as a state of mind, in which you feel relaxed and at the same time highly focussed, in which you are intrinsic motivated and you loose the feeling of time.

After having learnt from FLOW experts – such as Steven Kotler and Jason Silva – after having read hundred of articles, books, on the neuroscience of FLOW, I created a simple & practical FLOW code („DREAM, THINK, FEEL, ENGAGE and BE-COME„) that works, not only for me, but has been validated and optimized in my FLOW coaching work with over 1.000 international executives of renowned companies I had the honor to work with.

These big FLOW tribe started initially in the former companies I have been working for and then has increased exponentially thanks to my social media (blogs, facebook groups, ..) and finally through my book (mentioned at the beginning) and after personal recommendation of my FLOW coachees to other clients.

But I was still not satisfied: with the growing challenge and training demands connected with increasing digitalization, agile development, leadership in uncertainty & innovation in mind, I founded in 2009 my FLOW Consciousness Academy and started to research in a systematic way how the flow code can be applied at the rapidly changing working place environments.

The result: A Flow Leadership & Flow Innovation Code.

Today I am working in two parallel universes:

On one side, as medical director I’m supporting companies in the pre-launch phase, supporting them in the market introduction of new treatment options.

On the other side, as a FLOW coach, I am proud of inspiring people, on how to get daily into this flow-state as simply and effortless as possible and experience THE PERFECT DAY…365 days / year !

Following my FLOW protocols I created, people feel every day a inner brain-visceral consistency between things they love (as derived from their own LIFE VISION) and things that have to be done (for example to accomplish deadlines), and their work is executed in a faster and more productive way. With the result that people are every day at their own highest performance potential, are more creative, more resilient and are able to find fulfillment and perceive their’s own activities as meaningful.

In their own interest but with a big advantage also for the companies they are working for.

Summarizing, I help them in doing more and more the things that „they LOVE to do“ every day, living from INSIDE-OUT, without loosing the focus on what it HAS to be done.

And this fully integrated with their own environment with a resulting DAILY WORK-LIFE-PURPOSE BALANCE !

2) What subject did you choose to talk about in your speech and why?


…if you DREAM, how your IDEAL LIFE could be every day…
…if you THINK, what you would like to have every day and you create a strong intention…
…if you FEEL this new FUTURE SELF more and more every day …

then you’re going to listen more to your subconscious, you’re gonna get more feeling, which is going to direct you and give you better ideas.

And if you ENGAGE more in life as the person you’ld love to become, then I think you have more of a chance to really BECOME the person and do only what really matters for you.

My dream is that each one of us learn to learn more and more to live that PERFECT DAY , having a more Technicolor and extraordinary life and FLOWING INTO THEIR OWN LIFE VISION!

So I want to encourage people to wake up and flow into their OWN life vision – DATE YOURSELF WITH YOUR BEST LIFE !

4) What were your INTERNAL struggles BEFORE the course? 

1) the main struggle derived from the feeling I had before the course, when reflecting on the reaction of the audience after my speeches. Although I had always the intention to „help others to improve themselves“ often I realized that they seemed not be „ready“ enough to follow my advices. During the course I understood that I had to move from „correct to connect“, trying to have first a good connection with the audience and create more value for them. In other word, before the course I was too much focussed on my thoughts and too much self-confident, about „the absolute rightness“ of the contents of my speech. The course helped me not only „to disrupt“my speech, making it more customer-oriented and mainly to take a neutral position to analyze and improve it constantly and bringing more emotions into it.

2) the tendency to write a long speech script. The course helped me to be able to reduce the script to a CORE IDEA.

5) What were your EXTERNAL struggles BEFORE the course?

My external struggles are maybe typical for many people, who decide one day to do something, which seems WEIRD to my case, I felt that I had to explain to the environment (family, colleagues, clients,…) why I started to work as a „PUBLIC SPEAKER“, after „having been working as MEDICAL DIRECTOR for so many years….“

6) How did you first find London Real / Speak to Inspire?

Instagramm promotion

7) What made you pull the trigger and choose to join us?

Basically 4 things:
1) The clear structure of the contents from the Speak To Inspire’s website;

2) Brian’s story („from finance manager to successful entrepreneur and public speaker„), which let me think…“Brian has really hands-on experience…he has not just learnt „public speaking“ in a Master Class or from books or just copying someone else…his life is a Master Class ! I can learn from him…he is like me…he is walking his talk!“

3) The appealing webdesign of all London Real products

4) the easy user-friendly functionality of all technical processes (from registration till the course Module 1.0…)

8) Tell me about the journey you went on during the course, the highs and lows. 

At the beginning I felt the „accountability excel list“ as an additional „foreign body to my life“ :), which I had to integrate in my daily agenda. Now I know how important it is. After every LIVE PERFORMANCE with my VLOGS posted on FACEBOOK it is often for me frustrating while rewatching and evaluating my performance in a neutral way (do I want to be always perfect ?!). But I think it is the only way for improving and mastering public speaking.

9) What was your biggest A-HA moment?
There were many A-HA moments…. Maybe the biggest moment has been the cathartic moment in which the core idea started to „coagulate“ in my mind, giving me more self-confidence and the feeling that my performance can be of value for others, and serve society. Other A-HA moments have been also some powerful quotes, such as… „first CONNECT then CORRECT“ „Approach a speech not as a science but as an art“.

Last but not least: the course community and the accountability sheet are keys for a successful compliance of this online course.

10) What was the community of your classmates like?

My classmates are all awesome people…these are like the „students for what I call my DREAM LIFE SCHOOL“. A school you join regularly – all life long for 4 weeks / year to upgrade yourself and evolve mentally and spiritually.

11) What is your biggest takeaway that you can share with others? 

Up to now it has been a fantastic journey… MY BIGGEST TAKEAWAY TO SHARE… Disconnection between what „we love to do“ and „what we have to do“ is the one of the biggest problem of people in the industrialized world. This makes us on the long term disconnected,  frustrated, depressed, anxious-aggressive, lowers our motivation and forces us to stay in our comfort zone and live a life-long mediocre life.

The solution: the FLOW Code for automatic sustainable Happiness: DREAM-THINK-FEEL- ACT-FLOW 🙂 ! My message: Date yourself with your life vision every day ! Connect your wishes („THINGS YOU LOVE“) with your duties („THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO“) in mini-daily FLOW cycles.

12) Share one personal habit or daily routine that contributes to your success. 

If you want to become a world-class speaker you do not need to wait…you can perform just perform today; your audience is just your environment…it ca be your partner, your son/daughter, the person who is interviewing you for a new job, your client…What is important….do not try to be perfect…just do it and love the person you are becoming….

13) What are your goals for the next 5 years?
1) To live my passion as a medical doctor and professional public & keynote speaker and inspire others
2) To inspire people from all over the world on the CORE IDEA…that real happiness can be daily achieved as the result of a FLOW MIND-SET with a „perfect mind cocktail“, going daily through „mini FLOW-cycles“.
3) To give a TED Talk in 2020 on the „core idea
4) To release in 2020 an online master class „THE PERFECT DAY -4 weeks challenge“
5) To publish a new Book on FLOW  (Title’s idea…„Date daily yourself with your Life & live your PERFECT DAY“)
6) To produce podcasts with awesome guests to inspire others
7) To produce a film on my life
8) To upgrade my own FLOW YouTube Channel.

Marco Giannecchini

Click on the link below to see on Youtube my interview with Brian:
Interview on Dec. 5th, 2019, broadcasted LIVE with Brian Rose (after the graduation of my Master Class „Speak to Inspire)