How do I get into FLOW ? # NOVEL SPACES

Welcome to my mind.

I’m always very sensitive to my immediate environment and for that reason I’ve developed a passion-obsession, for understanding how I’m triggered in order to then best exercise creative and smart choices, to best steward my sub- / consciousness awareness and ultimately to best steward my own experiences in my life and work.

And I am sure that you and I want the same and that we share this wish with all human beings in the world.

Because ultimately we all want, as results of our choices, fulfillment, this depth sense of internal coherency, this intrinsic rewarding sensation of alignment between our INSIDE and our OUTSIDE;we all want happiness, we all want thisillusive sensation of well-being, which is so hard to find in the daily life.


The self-help section in the bookstore is so crowded with tips and tricks to find your bliss. I read many of them and for a long time I could not really profit from them. Till the moment in which I discovered that there is a direct relationship between the landscapes that surround me – OUTSIDE – and the states of mind – INSIDE – that they give rise to.

My truth is that the true life discover journey always start from INSIDE OUT.

In the words of the psychedelic philosopher, Terence McKennayou become what you behold, so I become what I behold.

So what landscapes work best, what landscapes wake me up and inspire me, to become a better version of myself and have a positive impact in the world?

So first and foremost landscapes that are novel, new spaces that I haven’t been in before, which likely induce a sense of first cristal clear sight, unencumbered by knowingness.

Because the PHOTOSHOP application that there’s in that „scene“ is your „adult experienced mind“, and this adult mind, already primed during the first encounter with that landscape, blinds you to it.

We know, this it’s called hedonic adaptation.

Perhaps you can meditate again and again and again for years to get to the point, where you see familiar places with new eyes but that’s really hard.

A lot easier is to just constantly go to new places, to become an explorer that works in new places. That is why I love WORKING & TRAVELING. Traveling is the mental booster, which allows me to reset the past recorded sensorial experiences and be ready for a NEW NOW.

I can somewhat see that where I’m going doesn’t look „dangerous“ or doesn’t necessarily give me moments of „adventures“, but there’s enough mystery still to keep me engaged and so the combination of the NEW PLACE and then particular STYLES of landscapes,with particular qualities already embedded into them, they run a particular dopamine script in my mind.

I become like a child and I feel engrossed in the moment.

I’m immersed in the NOW and of course, as Michael Pollan says, there is another word for this extremist noticing, this virginal noticing of the world and that word is wonder, which is a precursor to awe, described as an experience of such perceptual vastness and experience, which produces expansion of the mental models of the world that you’ve assimilated in your brain up to that moment.

The familiar algorithms of adulthood, the old scripts of your brain-ware are obliterated, to make way for the new landscape and for the new experience and so you’re hurled back into a childlike reverie.

There’s a giddiness in it; immediately your senses are heightened arrested; your attention is focused; you’re in the zone, you’re in the flow; you’re in the forever box, as Michael Pollan writes in his book „How to change your mind“.

This is what saves me constantly from „myself“ and this is what I want to share with you.

Enjoy it 🙂

And you, how do you get daily into the „ZONE“ ? Into „FLOW“. I think your personal experience can help other readers of this article. So feel free to share your comments in the section here below. Thanks for it, Marco


Short bio:

Article’s Author: Marco Giannecchini, M.D., Country Medical Lead at Syneos Health Commercial. In my „past lifes“ I have been PHYSICIAN (NEUROLOGY & PSYCHIATRY), KEY NOTE SPEAKER („FLOW into Results“), AUTHOR (TRANSFORMATION), CAREER TRANSITION COACH, ENTREPRENEUR & CONSULTANT (MEDICAL AFFAIRS LAUNCHES), HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAINER. Disclaimer: This article reflects only my own opinion. It is not related to any work done at my actual employer.

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